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Paul Flaherty is a world class Australian guitarist, singer and song writer...

He is an expert fisherman, surfer, cameraman and producer. Paul began playing guitar at a very young age he joined a band in the early 80’s called Coloured Jumpers. Members of the Coloured Jumpers included: Frank Soto, Trevor Dare, Tony Hobbs, Phil Barnard, Clive Proud, Craig Goddard, Chris Lee, Peter Naylor and Neil Smith.

Paul Flaherty telephoned Ian 'Candy' Sandercoe in 1988 in Sydney with a contact to Newcastle based musician Brien McVernon who was forming a pop rock covers/originals band called  Raiding Party. Members of Raiding Party's original line-up included: James Davis-keyboard/piano, Brien McVernon-bass, Ian 'Candy' Sandercoe-vocal, Craig 'Rosie' Rosevear-drums and Paul Flaherty-guitar. Rehearsal began at Tony Heads Downie Street Maryville Studio.  Later Newcastle musicians Mark Tinson-guitar replaced Paul Flaherty and Gary Wilson replaced Craig ‘Rosie’ Rosevear and Gary Wilson was later to be replaced by Steve 'Mac' McLennan. Paul moved on to establish Cry Cry.

Joshua Brave was formed in 1991. The music encompassed a mix of sounds: Funk, Jazz, Blues and Rock. Members of Joshua Brave included Paul Flaherty- guitar, Don Ninness-bass, Brad Elliot-drums and Ian Sandercoe-vocals. Brad Elliot was replaced on drums by Phil Archer. Phil Archer was replaced on drums by Jason Teo briefly, then Craig Lancaster on drums. In 1991 Joshua Brave recordings included: February 1991 - Religion and Dirty Rumours, March 1991 - Toy Box, Message of Love and Future Crowd, July 1991 - City Limits, August 1991 - Throw Away Society, October 1991 - Flowers November 1991 - Love AwayGuilty – 1992, Sugar Train - April 1993 - Faces and True Love, August 1993 - Glory Mist and I Am Love. The track Future Crowd written by Paul Flaherty was used on the television programme Simon Townsend’s Wonder World.

Paul did solo work around the Newcastle and Hunter region following the break up of Joshua Brave.

He moved on to form: Eleven Eleven in the mid nineties with Matt Shaw, Steve Marsh, Brendan Tomsett and Tony Hoy. The band Army with Matt Shaw, James and Pete Lidiard. Hey Poncho with Matt Shaw and Peter 'Cyd' Lindsay. Jackal became shmackal with Matt Shaw, Brendan Tomsett, Cameron Davis, Mick Hurley, Jason Gale and Steve Marsh. Shmackal with Matt Shaw, Tony Hoy and Steve Marsh and Thumper with Peter 'Cyd' Lindsay and Steve Marsh.

Fishing Ranking: 2007 NSW Pro Flathead Rankings after round 6 Newcastle Harbour: 412.00 points 8 in the NSW Ranking.

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  Paul Flaherty

Paul Flaherty Guitarist, Singer songwriter